1. Are the gemstones effective remedies ?+

Yes. Provided they are properly and appropriately cleansed and energized.

2. Is there any thing called lucky stone ?+

No. Astrology does not believe in luck. Stones are like medicine and should be treated as such.

3. Can a priest or an Astrologer energize the stones or carry out remedial prayers on behalf of a native ?+

No. Since afflictions are due to one's own 'Poorva Karma', no one else can substitute for him.

4. Does the commencement and concluding time of 'Rahu kalam' vary from place to place ?+

Yes. Most astrologers are unaware of the fact that the commencement of Rahukalam or the Yamakantam is determined by the sunrise of that particular place. Therefore, if the Rahukalam is between 4.30 to 6.00 PM in Chennai, it will be between 4.42 and 6.12 PM in Bangalore and between 5.24 and 7.00 PM in Mumbai.

5. In the North, marriages are celebrated during night, where as in the South, the same is performed in the morning hours. Which is correct ?+

Venus the Significator of marriage is strong during night and Sun the Destroyer of marriage is strong during the day. Therefore, the practice followed in the north is correct.

6. Is Muhurtham so important for marriage ?+

Yes. The treatise says that a good Muhurtham can nullify any negativity existing in the compatibility.

7. Will all the Muhurthams listed in the Almanacs suit all ?+

No. The suitability depends largely on the birth chart of the individual and the nature of the occasion

8. What is the role of Yogas in Muhurthams ?+

It is as important as any other factors like Stars and Thithis in Muhurthams. While a good yoga can nullify malefic factors, a malefic yoga may destroy good effects.

9. Will it be enough, if we check only 'Gunas' (Gootas'), forcompatibility in marriage ?+

No. 'Gunas' or 'Gootas' are mere grading in star aspects (Nakchatra porutham). This is not sufficient for compatibility for comprehensive checking. It is important to check the planetary compatibility (Jathaka porutham) as well. While the former accounts for acceptability the latter accounts for sustainability.

10. Are there any exemptions for Kuja (Manglik) Dosha ?+

Yes. There are several exemptions prescribed in the texts like 'Deva keralam'. Most astrologers blindly ignore them and in the process ruin the prospects of numerous spirants.