Thanks mainly to the Western Palmist; what was once a gipsy cult has now become a powerful science of hand reading. Unlike astrology Palmistry doesn't need birth details. But what is amazing is results concur to each other. A competant Palmist can near accurately forcast the impending events assessing its course.

 A  Way of Love
 B  Mental Power
 C  Emotion
 D  Emotion
 E  Opportunities
 F  Health
 G  Love Life
 H  Children
 I  Travel
 J  Longevity
 1  Ambition
 2  Logic
 3  Love
 4  Fame
 5  Faith
 6  Power
 7  Finance
 8  Courage
 9  Imagination
 10  Tendernes
 11  Pragmatism
 12  Poverty