The Lady’s problems

The problems of Indian women are unique and multifold than men. It perhaps begins with, irregular menses in pre-marriage to menopause in post marital era. These are apart from miscarriages to misunderstandings between partners which are normally resolved amicably or otherwise. In the post marriage era, however, there are several personal problems which the ladies generally hesitate to discuss openly even with parents.

The cause of inaction

The main reason is the social stigma attached to women and society’s practices attached to marriages. The dictum of the society for a long time has been ‘one man one marriage’ and ‘once married ever married’.

Sadly, the problems and issues in post marital era is the concern for most married women. It ranges from sexual imbalance to performance inadequacies. Most women suffer silently for many long years living like a machine and producing children like robots. Their natural shyness and feminity makes them to bury their feelings deep in their heart, perhaps till their death.

The cause

Research reveals that the main cause for post marital problems are due to ‘marry in rush and suffer in leisure’. This begins with the faulty star based compatibility system to disregarding the ‘Dhoshams’ which matter. Unchecked inadequacies and lack of premarital counseling are the other factors.

The remedies

The advancement of medical science has found solution for most problems of modern age. The sexual imbalance is no more an insolvable issue between partners. Astrology also handy in finding solutions for the most dreaded Dosham called ‘manglik’ which in effect, sexual imbalance.

In addition to astrology, ancient scripts like ‘Samuthrika’Sastra’ and ‘Anga Lavanya Sastra’, have the expertise to solve even the sensitive problems and pleasures. In other words, an expert on this can almost scan a women’s anatomy in entity to reach out for solutions.

The ‘Vimorchana’

Jyodhisham is proud to have established an exclusive,‘women’s wing’ fully managed and run by a team of well trained ladies.

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